1. Maybe

From the recording Maybe

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Written By: Jessica Sands Hoffmann

Recorded, Produced & Engineered By: Jamie Brown

Piano: Jessica Sands Hoffmann

Background Vocals: Jamie Brown, Jessica Sands Hoffmann


How do you know what you believe
Did you hear it on the radio or read it in a magazine
Why are we here and then we die
Are we supposed to be preparing for an after life
Maybe just maybe

There’s a heaven and it’s here on earth
Every time a child smiles or a woman gives birth
And are you happy with who you’ve become
Have you lived a life of honesty or let your heart grow numb
Maybe just maybe

You don’t know what you believe
Because of all the hypocrisy
Oh maybe just maybe

Maybe there is a wrong and right
But you’re too afraid to fight
Well don’t fear
Maybe I’m not the crazy one
Maybe God really had a son
He’s right here oh yes he is

Maybe your house just ain’t a home
And you’re tired of being alone
Don’t fear no don’t you fear
And maybe you don’t have all the answers
So you’re searching and searching
To be clear

Can you hear that voice soft and clear
It’s sayin’ I love you and I will always be
Right here
Right here